Does anybody else feel like the thought of them having sex seems so unrealistic and unimaginable?

Naw but I often seriously question if I’m asexual. I very rarely am in the mood for sex and generally do not care about getting laid at all. I am attracted to beautiful women but I don’t really care too much about sleeping with them. It’s strange because I am a pretty kinky dude (not like weird toys and shit but more like rough sex) yet I generally don’t care too much. I do not show any symptoms of low testosterone but may possibly have high levels so may need to look in to that (for those of you who don’t know if your levels are too low you lose your sex drive but the same can happen if they are too high). In your case it seems like it’s your mentality. You need to stop fantasizing women all the time like they are some magical angels or some shit. They are just ordinary people with nothing special.

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