Does anybody else INSTANTLY lose interest in a celebrity/musician as soon as they announce that they're expecting a child?

In terms of celebrities, the hardest halt - I’m talking slamming my breaks and hurdling through the windshield levels of stopping - was Julia Fox. Uncut Gems has grown into one of my favorite movies of all time, and for a good time she was my #1 crush on top of how obsessed I am (my friends and I chronically quote it).

Having a kid, dating Kanye, and getting plastic surgery is like Turnoff Bingo.

I also consider Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds actors who I really liked that sold themselves down the family path prematurely. I would pay for The Rock to start talking in third person again and calling people jabronis and candyasses and talking about laying the smackdown. Reynolds went from enthusiastically hyping the Deadpools to Free Guy and a likely PG-13 Deadpool 3.

Has happened to me in real life with family/friends so many times that it’s become a PTSD tremor in my mind. One of them gradually lost all interest in any of our mutual interests.

All these texts about “as a mother…” and later tip-offs about being shit-talked - things I would’ve readily apologized for which they never bothered explaining to me (one incidence of which nuked a major friendship and led me to cut ties with a group of acquaintances that I didn’t entirely hate)… last time this surrogate family member and I saw each other was four years ago.

They sent a Christmas card. My mother showed it to me. I was so upset that she tossed it into the garbage without acknowledging how angry it made me feel. It felt disgusting. No texts for months, but sure, send the Disney World highlights for Christmas.

It’s happened on other occasions. There’s certain old ghosts from my life who were the best friends I had that I dread it happening to.

An IG artist I followed (since deleted my account) and bought a shirt from suddenly announced having a kid in a post, hid it from my feed ASAP.

One of my cousins had four kids in three years 2019-22. Another - one of my other closest family members - faded into being an antivaxxer.

I quit social media over shit like this with acquaintances. I think about how sincere the emotions of those photos are announcing things.

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