Does anyone find it annoying when someone of a popular religion calls a less popular one unrealistic or ridiculous?

As to your title - a pop religion calls differrent relig unrealisic or redicalis. Annoying? I dont think religions use those words, more like evil and disgusting. I find the ignorance annoying, most christians don't know much bout islam, greek orth. or morman let alone or red letter significance.

What gets me is the connection between a million problems with the bible as proof there is no god. Or why would god let bad things happen to good people as proof of something else. I've always said we all have it wrong. The eggheads, the biblethumps, the hippies, the atheist and of course me. Not wrong about everything, but not right about everything either. The hilarious part of religion hating religions is yes it's the same god. islam, christian and jewish faiths all worship the same creator and as proof of how we get it wrong and cant even read the text that teach peace, we war for decades.

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