Does anyone else feel that smoking has changed their personality?

I think its changed my personality but in a good way. I used to be a lot more, I dunno, high strung? Easier to upset? More self conscious for sure. But I feel like gradually I've become more chill. More willing to accept things as they are. I can't chalk it all up to weed. A couple years of therapy, and getting into philosophy (stoicism in particular) have done a lot for my mental state. I'm not like the Buddha or anything, I still get heated in traffic and slap the shit out my electronics when they don't work LIKE THEYRE FUCKING SUPOISED TO WHAT THE FUCK. But I stopped getting into fights with people around me so much. Like my siblings and whatnot. I do believe that's weed at work. It's my de-stresser. It's my little secret. And it's a connection to a sub culture of like minded individuals. I don't really have friends but I do have weed and a few coworkers I'll blaze with sometimes.

Of course, the concern is that one gets too chill and willing to accept things as they are, even things that genuinely should not be acceptable. That's the battle I kinda have to fight. I've been dry since the beginning of March because I broke my ankle and haven't been able to re-up. Its giving me some perspective. I've probably been smoking too much. I should probably be making more progress in my life. And growing my own weed, this shit gets expensive! But I can't not miss it. There's many a moment where I think damn, I could use some right now. I'm an introvert at heart and I'm stuck in a house with 3 other people and get basically no alone time cuz it's still hard to be independent with my ankle like it is. And weed would definitely be helping me zone out and feel a little more like I'm in my own world even if I can't actually be. They say weed makes you okay with not doing anything and what do you know, I'm not fucking doing anything cuz I'm stuck on my ass for a few more weeks til I can finish physical therapy. This is the perfect time for weed, and the perfect month, but I'm dankrupt. Go figure. Anyway. Weed changed my personality, kinda for the better I'd say. Always remember to take tolerance breaks once in a while guys and gals and uh everybody else who isn't one of those. They're not just tolerance breaks they're an opportunity for perspective.

Thank you for listening to my TED Talk

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