Does anyone else feel depressed when they can’t make music because of work/school/whatever?

I worked full time and completed a Ph.d. It sucked. I chose to do it. It wasn't fun. There are a lot of things I would have preferred doing than working and going to school. It ruined my relationship. It isolated me from friends and family, and it was just generally difficult. Undergrad was a cakewalk compared to the workload of grad school. I don't recall ever being "depressed" about it. I don't recall not being able to pick up a guitar anytime I felt like it. That's the great thing about acoustic guitar. It is immediate and relaxing. The adult game means you have to survive, and you have to be disciplined to thrive. You have a long life ahead of you. If you want to do music, then build a life that allows you to do music. I make bank with my Ph.d. It was worth the sacrifice. As far as sleep goes, talk to your doctor and get a low dose of Ambien or Lunesta.

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