Does anyone else think it's fucked up how Nick tries to make Adam's dad, an open Zionist (Jewish Nazi) and homophobe/Michael Jackson supporter (weird mix) into some quirky goofy character?

Imagine thinking 200 million european americans will go back to europe because their presence annoys the indeginous people of these lands.

The maxicans lost and accepted the L this is why texas and california and other states belong america not to mexico.

The native americans lost and accepted the L. You don't see them going around trying to kick out european americans. The past is the past. Everyone took a huge L at sometime in the past.

The 2 biggest ethnic groups in america are the english and the germans. Both were owned in the past by the romans and other people. Are they gonna try to get reparations from italy?

Living in the past is for faggots. People move on. As they should do.

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