Does anyone else hate when boys act like they enjoy video games just to get attention from girls??

Story time! I was just telling my husband this story.

I'm fucking old, but when I was around 15 (circa 1998?)...I met a guy that went to a nearby school. We started chatting on AIM (don't judge me!), and after a month or two of talking - he wants to meet up. He gives me the address.

I show up, and it's basically like a pool. He's there doing his part time job of delivering pizzas. Demanded that I help him deliver them too, so we can go about our lives. So, I helped his ass and gets like $100 tip that he doesn't share with me (when I did a lot of the work while he sat the fuck around). Then he makes me follow him back to his house in my car.

We get inside and his mom is lurking weirdly in the kitchen. She says something like "Oh! Is this the church girl I heard so much about?! Nice to meet you!" (I am not religious) We go upstairs, he tells me his mom wants him to keep the door open and a bunch of other weird incel-like comments that I kept mentally going "wtf" to.

Get to talk about video games. He starts fucking quizzing me on why I like FF4 so much (it's my favorite). Apparently, I knew more about the game than he did. He did not like that. His attitude immediately changed into almost like a negging attitude and talking down to me, because he refused to admit he doesn't actually play video games.

The dude doesn't play video games, but still felt the need to talk down to me about them and treat me like crap. I left that damn place within minutes of that conversation going downhill, and blocked his ass.

Met my gamer husband a few years later and we've been married ever since. He never talked down to me, quizzed me about stupid shit, etc. Fuck that kid. I will always remember that kid for being a pos.

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