Does anyone else here find that a creative outlet helps ease loneliness?

I started in Nov 2018, so over 2 years and a bit now. I’m currently at grade 3 but can play at a grade 4 standard.

You should definitely do it! Just be careful that when you do, you practise smart and set yourself attainable goals.

I started off by doing 30 minutes a day. You want to aim for consistency and a succession of practise days rather than bulking them all into a couple of days a week.

l now do 1h 45m a day, and I absolutely love it! First 15 minutes is scales and arpeggios, followed by 15m of graded pieces practise, then a break and another 30 minutes of the same, followed by another break and 15 minutes of sight reading, then another break and a final half hour of sight reading and graded pieces.

Just don’t be afraid to have this be a long term commitment/goal. So long as you’re breaking new ground everyday, you can’t actually go wrong imo.

I’d definitely recommend getting a teacher, I think at first every 2 weeks would be a good idea. But then as you start to improve your independence can grow. I don’t really have a need for seeing her more than every month or every other month now days.

Best of luck and definitely give it a go!

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