Does anyone else intend to vote Biden for the presidency but republican in their senate races?

My guess is 80% of Republican Senators want Biden to win.

McConnell, Cruz, etc despise Trump. McConnell has control of the republican party under President Biden. Cruz are a few others have increased their odds against pence for the 2024 presidential nomination.

Pence himself might not be too heart broken by a Trump loss

The Suprene Court... The focus as much of the media the time running out on the presidential clock. This is not by chance. I think McConnell was happy to make an issue before the election. In contrast Trump lost a great opportunity to actually act presidential. He could have nominated His choice and then asked McConnell to hold off on hearings until February or so. I think that McConnel and Cruz are happy that they cinvunced Trump with a more divisive stand.

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