Does anyone else not recognise their face/cant look in the mirror for a long time without freaking out? (cw grooming)

I get this, it’s a symptom of being depersonalized/derealized. The not recognizing the face in the mirror, at least. I don’t break down though, I get confused, puzzled, and sometimes can’t stand it, I also might get a stuck staring just trying to figure out what I’m seeing.

So depersonalization and derealization are two altered states of consciousness, that frequently accompany dissociation. Which is one response to trauma, freeze/flight types are particularly vulnerable to using dissociation as a maladaptive coping response. So pretty par for the course in a large portion of The CPTSD

Something that stands out to me here, that’s fairly clinically significant, and it seems to cause you profound distress, and it’s never really been addressed, just kinda shrugged off by your psych. Am I reading this right?

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