Does anyone else oddly relate to what Don goes through this episode?

Nothing nearly as stylish as this but something in the same vein happened to me once in Iran and I still haven't figured it out.

On my second night in the country I treated myself to a meal at one of the best restaurants in Tehran. One of the waitresses -who was literally one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen in my entire life - spoke very good English and kept talking to me. When I went to leave, she chased after me, gave me her number and said we should hang out. I didn't think anything of it because I was in Iran and not only did I assume it was very conservative, but the people are extremely friendly and welcoming to foreigners.

So we go out the next night for hookah and snacks. She shows me around her neighbourhood, we talk about Iran and the US, I walk her home and she straight up tells me she's very attracted to me. I go in for the kiss, she freaks out because we're in the street and it's Iran, frantically wipes lipstick off my mouth and says if I want to do that we need privacy. She invites me to meet and stay with her family for the next few days.

The next few days were like this carefree, parallel dimension of wandering around the city with a free tour guide and having passionate nights with this beautiful girl I still didn't even know. Adding to the fuckedupness, we'd be in her room being loud as fuck all night and her mother and aunt would be sleeping on the floor on the other side of a very thin wall. Nobody seemed to care.

It still kinda feels like a dream.

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