Does anyone else see a problem with these MBA programs finishing in days/weeks ?

Surely you realise that appealing to prior experience is going to inflate people’s egos and Dunnking-Krueger effect in terms of “I must have blasted through this due to all my prior experience!”

You can have prior experience and its academic rigour can be watered down, these aren’t mutually exclusive.

In fact I’d argue having motivation and free time are the biggest factors in accelerating and having prior experience means very little. I had ten years experience prior to my BSBM, do you think I was well prepared for doing IRR formulas? TVM? Accounting? Economics? Business law? No, and neither are most people because we often have repetitive, daily tasks that only have some overlap with some part of the curriculum. I didn’t even have to use a calculator for my principles of finance course because they stripped out the majority of math based questions after people complained it was too hard before, which proves my point.

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