Does anyone else get super affected by social media?

I gave all of them up accept twitter so I can keep up with silly things and memes. After college, I found no use for instagram, snapchat or facebook. Personally I think people take it way to seriously and are more invested in it than they do there own real lives. Most people say they have it to keep up with people but I think that's an excuse to an extent, you could just give me your number. Unless your international, shoot a bro a text if you actually give a fuck (and vice-versa). I think social media has become a manifestation of how you're percieved by everyone else. For instance, in my post social media era, people don't think I exist. I have an unconventional name, am black, have a degree in mathematics and actuarial science, am gay, apparently straight acting, and have no problem getting laid whatsoever. When I first tell people about me, they go to check my social media, can't find any and then assume that I'm a liar and it becomes a game of proving that I'm not. Social media has gotten way to big to say that it doesn't affect you. It affects everyone in a way whether you subscribe to it or not.

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