Does anyone else's anxiety/nervousness cause seizures?

First I wanted to mention that I am so grateful this sub exists.

I always thought seizure meant you dropped to the floor and seized. It wasn't till my early 30's when I was prescribed wellbutrin that I had an episode that brought flooding memories of similiar experiences from my childhood that I had totally forgotten about. One day I randomly described to a friend my recently experience while on wellbutrin and she offhandly mention that perhaps it was a seizure.

After we got off the phone I google'd epilepsy and was brought to tears and straight up shock. Other people experienced what I did.

When I was little I often remembered that when trying to fall asleep I would stare at my rotating fan. This seemed to enduce a feeling of all sounds around me dulling. I would get the distinct feeling I was sinking into my bed. I would also feel as if the walls of my bedroom were slowly moving in..then back out. Like a shifting room.

As an early teenager I would have episodes right as people were speaking to me.

Out of nowhere a buzzing starts in my head. The person voice seems to sound garbled and farther away. Buzzing gets louder. I suddenly cant move or speak. Person speaking rarely ever notices. Its as if I have turned to stone but am still semi aware. Suddenly I snap right back to the conversation. Sometimes I can even keep with the conversation and none is the wiser.

Most times I feel embarrassed. I have totally missed what the person has said.

As a child I never thought to mention it to anyone as I thought everyone experienced this.


I also seem to experience a range of sleep related stuff. I have beem able to lucid dream for as long as I can remember. Suffer from sleep paralysis. An intuitive and empathetic.

I truly believe people with epilepsy are special. Enlightened humans *not to get all new agey.

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