Does anyone know of a family not getting their SNAP benefits because of the UHIP computer mess?

You're so full of shit. This is not common. What's common are rumors and innuendo about the less fortunate. With any benefit system like this there are most definitely people who abuse it, that's a given and NOT a reason to end said benefits for everyone, or cast doubt on everyone who collects.

I liken it to a store owner and shoplifting. You do the best you can to prevent it but you have to realize that a certain amount of it will go on regardless. It doesn't mean you close down your business.

The process of casting suspicions on the less fortunate is an ugly trait. You displayed it perfectly. Don't dwell on the few that abuse it, keep helping those that are in need.

I can't decide where my tax dollars go any more than you can. I don't want to pay for a bloated military (who kill innocent women and children) or corporate welfare to billion dollar companies, but I don't have a choice. The waste on those levels far outweigh the waste on SNAP and benefits to help the less fortunate.

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