does anyone feed their jumpers flies? if so how many and how often? I switched to flies from mealworms and he seems much happier. this is my little guy, Crimson or Spidey lol

No hate or shade or y… just please be careful feeding from outdoors. Prey like flies, etc can easily come in to contact with pesticides, parasites, etc which in turn can be detrimental to your spider. There was a large number of DKS cases this summer among captive jumpers from wild caught prey. I understand to some that they think “well, they’d eat it in the wild”…. The thing is… jumpers Can and quite usually do live significantly longer in captivity than the wild, and one of the reasons is the avoidance of the aforementioned prey. When we choose to bring spiders into our homes and lives, we are promising them better than what they’d have in the wild. Of course at the end of the day, the spider is yours as is the choice of it’s food. I share only because many are unaware of these things and knowledge is important to all of us. We all benefit from sharing information. So again, please know there’s no judgement on my words. Sending you and your jumper wishes of happiness.

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