Does anyone know local churches?

Here's the story:

I was living in Montreal as a student. I'd never been part of any congregation but I believed in Jesus. One of my physical education courses had a holistic approach to wellness: body, mind and spirit and I identified a lack on the spiritual side.

I decided that finding a congregation of believers would be helpful for my spiritual wellness and I prayed to the Lord asking for a congregation to meet with. That week I visited a (Catholic I think) congregation in a building across the street from my home. I had a great time, but I didn't feel the connection I was looking for.

I was later invited to a Unitarian meeting one of my (atheist) friends was attending. Their service was nice but it was not about Jesus and I was conscious that I was a Christian and looking for Christ. I attended their meetings for 3 weeks and people looked at me funny when I told them I was a believer.

Finally I was getting desperate and started looking online for something. I did a yellow pages search for 'church in Montreal' or something like that and found a place down the street almost at random. I went down there on Sunday and was surprised to find the front door locked, Chinese(English and French too) writing on the door and no sign of a meeting. I was a bit confused because the sign said that there should be something going on. Finally I saw a well dressed Asian lady walking around the back of the building so I sort of casually followed her around back.

One of the Asian elders spotted me and I told him I was looking for the meeting. It turned out their hall had a bunch of apartments in the back separate from the main hall. These were just regular apartments. Nothing special about them. Some of the saints had rented them out and the meeting was happening on the ground floor.

It turned out that they were having a 'corporate meeting'. The Montreal area is large enough that they normally have separate meetings for folks in the west end, folks on the Island of Montreal and folks on the south shore. That day they were all together worshipping in one central place on the island in Verdun.

I was quite put off at first because the meeting seemed to lack structure. Saints pray when the spirit takes them or call songs when they feel like it. I kept trying to figure out who the priest was, but of course they have no formal leadership in the traditional sense. At one point they went around asking folks from the other congregations to introduce themselves and they were quite thrilled when I told them my story.

There was a bible study after the main meeting and afterwards a love feast but two of the brothers invited me out for lunch and took the time to give me some specific nourishment from the word. This was the bit that hooked me. The brother shared the parable of the Good Samaritan from [Luke 10:30-35] and revealed that the Samaritan is not me, but the Lord and I am in fact the wounded man, wounded by sin who needs Christ to save me.

I was deeply moved and I knew I'd found my home because the brothers loved me and nourished my whole being. I stayed with them for many years.

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