Does anyone need help with ACIM?

I know you speak the truth, and i have experienced that truth, but there seems to be this part of me that seems so real that I am having a hard time of letting go, my false identity. The part of me that seemingly covers Me, an agreement with the ego, a secret, that self righteously says, 'ya, you people don't understand. You don't know how the world (or God, possibly) has screwed me over!' meanwhile, God, Jesus has been loving me all along. But there is a secret part of me that wants that view, and some day I will 'show them.' This is my darkness. And the ego smiles. Because I identify with it, and I think if i give her, the angry fearful 'person' image/story up, I will never win. Well, at that moment, I do not 'win'. Does everyone have this? What is your take? Today, when I am conscious of it, I will turn it over. I think this is my last 'problem.' because problems are already solved, now. I am pretty well grounded. God is in control. He is responsible for me. Amen. I accept His love for me. I accept 'my' love for you.

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