Does anyone have positive stories about a single mother finding lasting love?

My mom found a guy when I was 16 and my sister was 13. We lived at home. My sister was a demon bitch in general but he and I got along fine during the initial stage, I actively counterbalanced the demon bitch. They stuck. He moved in. They were very happy. My sister moved out at 15ish then went to jail when her business venture was derailed due to it being completely illegal. this was great for everyone but my mom. They had one blowout yelling match fight the whole time which resulted in me going out, handing him my card, and discussing the details of himsleeping somewhere else for the night. Her previous marriage was a lot of yelling and we both vowed (mom and I) never again. He got it and wouldnt you know it, never again. They were engaged and the three of us were planning on getting a house (one of those on suite Fuck off situations so everyone had privacy and cheaper bills). He had a massive coronary and died. Mom found him cold in the morning, I heard her shriek through a very expensive headset and joined her.

They would be blissfully happy to this day, were it not for a random stroke of misfortune.

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