Does anyone know of a single book describing a range of practices/exercises (e.g. meditation, yoga, gratitude, spending time in nature, fasting, singing, etc) that teaches enough of each so they can be incorporated into our lives?

So here’s the thing I’d you have a meditation practice and an awareness of things like gratitude, yoga, being in nature you will naturally start incorporating those into your life. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying reading or learning about different things is bad! At least in my case I’ve found myself seeking knowledge rather than remembering I already know it. So for example if you want to know more about grounding a quick YouTube or article can give you a bit of knowledge on why it’s important but then when you go and do it daily that’s where the good stuff happens. You experience it. Same with meditation or yoga. You can gain all the knowledge in the world about it but it’s the experiencing that you want.

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