Does anyone wish they had more sexual experiences in their twenties?

I’m turning 37 and my husband is the third man I’ve been with and we have a great sex life and he’s an amazing partner and catch.

Weirdly, I had a glimmer of what you’re having and sort of FOMO from 29-33 and then as we went to marriage counseling and made date nights a NEED and I got over my internal mini midlife crisis or whatever it was, I can say with 100% honesty I no longer feel that way.. and I’m a bit embarrassed to admit I ever did because I thought I was above all that but I guess we are all human.

All of my friends slept around and easily more than half seem to not be sexually satisfied or can’t stop the comparison game (not saying this is true of all ladies of course) so I’ve come to the conclusion I truly didn’t miss out.

Sleeping around is riskier for us women (always has been and unfortunately always will be) and I’m one of those people who can’t do one night stands or flings.. they don’t appeal to me (I know I’m unusual) .. I need tons of attention and connection and everything intellectually and all that to feel turned on. I don’t judge any grown woman having her fun and don’t think I’m any better.. I just can’t get turned on without all that and I have a VERY high sex drive so it’s not really about me being a prude or anything.

I didn’t feel impressed with like 99% of men.. I’m also a working girl so idk men who I can out hustle never appealed to me (and I think that’s becoming a lot of us women.. )

That’s another reason I was surprised I had that FOMO..

I think as you continue to foster your relationship and age you’ll probably see that feeling sort of lift and dissipate.. you grow this immensely deep love for the man who has been by your side and stuck it out so long esp through trials and tribulations and as you age the weight of those become so much more meaningful..

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