Does Appearance Matter When It Comes to Working As An Engineer?

You look like such a chill dude.

And you look like you are experienced enough to have seen a lot of the stupid shit noobs (young people) need to deal with.

You look like you could be a audio engineer.

You look like a professional guy with a bit of spike lee in him. (mixed with the guy who played Blade which is for some the reason the only movie i remember by him and not his name, despite him being a fav in my teen years in the 90s..)

You dont look like you are irresponsible or party too much. The tattoo´s look like a artistic personal choice. Not a gang member...if that what you were wondering lol. They dont make you look scary. Frankly tattoos are bit harder to notice on black people.

I frankly think you could have a tattoo on your forehead and it would not be a problem. Possibly even a swastika. :D You look like a good sport (can handle boring clients and still do it in a pleasant manner for most people and be sensible enough to get a senior when you cant.)

The only reason i could see you feel you need to ask this...would be you being black and a community where blacks are generally rare or new in the community.

Hehehe try being the only western person in a south east asia jungle community. Felt like being a celebrity and also like being an animal in a zoo. Mostly animal in a zoo after a month of this.

...uhh..rambling aside and guesswork...Why you really worry this though? We are talking audio engineering? Music people tend to be relaxed. Maybe if you do audio for a different field. Maybe if its prestigious (read anal.)

Lol or something terrible like that.

Oh, good mood, saturday got the house to me and the cats and some music making and internet. But yeah, i think you worry too much over this. Most people will like you if you dress nice, are clean and polite. Humor and cheer is a bonus but not required.

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