Does Better Call Saul make anyone else really hate Walt?

I'm not even sure why so many people blame Walt. He did what you have to do as a criminal to stay alive and not be caught.

  • Saul made his own choice by getting involved with Walt in the first place and repeatedly made tried getting him back in the business

-Mike blamed Walt for ruining everything with Gus, despite the fact he did it out of loyalty to Jesse, someone that Mike ended up liking. So Mike's point was he should have let Jesse be killed? Really hypocritical by Mike. Mike the guy that would kill anyone to keep him and Gus save protects his guys in jail and got murdered for it.

  • Walt poisoned the boy because Jesse turned on him. Walt was fully committed to Jesse and would have risked everything for him. Jesse was too stupid to see he was manipulated by Gus and didn't have the same level of loyalty. It was poison the boy and get Jesse back to help him take down Gus or be murdered.

  • Hank could have left Walt alone after he found out about him or turned the case over to the DEA, but instead decided to make it a personal vendetta. The so called "good guy" Hank was willing to let Jesse be killed in a meeting with Walt just so he could put Walt away. Maybe Hank should have just handed the case over to the DEA instead of being controlled by his pride.

  • Skyler could have left anytime, her lawyer told her to leave, Walt signed the divorce papers. If I knew my partner was a drug dealing murderer, guess what? I would leave, I wouldn't sit around and mope all day and then bang my boss. More than that Walt only went back into the business because Skyler wouldn't take him back at first, no she waits until he gets back in, before she says she'll take him back, Her indecisiveness and mood swings have a huge amount of blame here. But mainly she should have LEFT.

I don't see Walt ruining anyone's lives here. I see people that made their own choices. I'm sure Ill get down voted for not having the popular opinion on Walt, but I know damn sure none of you will debate me in it.

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