Does China not view Europe as an equal?

It's cute that you're putting in all this effort to substantiate your statement, "It's true", in reply to the belief that, "There are only two countries, the US and China. Everything else is just United States puppets and China is grand hero fighting against evil empire.".

I mean, class act posting a Wikipedia article without even bothering to edit out the [1] and [2] which reveal it to be a Wikipedia article. Sadly though, nothing in that Wikipedia article or anything you've said thus far substantiate that all other countries, much less the EU, are puppets.

You've even made such erroneous statements such as, "something even the UN was against." Yet the existence of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1441 reveals that was not the case.

Indeed, instead of proving your point that the rest of the world, or at least the EU, are puppets to America and upholding your statement that the view that the US and China are the only two countries in the world, the only thing you have accomplished is demonstrating the very worldview I was speaking of. So thanks for that at least.

I find it hilariously remarkable, however, that someone would misconstrue countries acting in concert to further their own individual political interests as a relationship of subservience. Ad Absurdum.

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