Does conscription of solely ROK nationals constitute racial discrimination?

If you hold dual citizenship in country's that both require military service of course you have to serve its the difference between residency and citizenship. Citizenship which this government has been actively making harder to get by the way, perhaps they should make it easier to obtain and boom more conscripts?

Serious questions though:

You really want to start forcefully putting Japanese people into the korean army? I'm sure koreans would be full of trust towards those individuals.

Nevermind you would have spouses of koreans who speak minor languages like icelandic where the hell do you put them?

Or you have active and ex military of other nations, do you trust them?

For what it's worth if I'm still eligible by the time I get korean citizenship I would be more than happy to do military service. But korea trying to draft non koreans would lead to more international embarrassment on the world stage not to mention its just an all round stupid idea for a functioning military.

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