Does the current transfer saga with Lewandowski, take away from his legend status at the club?

I think that Lewandowski won’t be either a Bayern legend nor Borussia Dortmund legend but he will be a Bundesliga legend and it sounds a bit stupid but it makes sense. I think that a real club’s legend has to love a club and embody its values. And Lewandowski always put himself first and I think that he just wouldn’t be able to love any football club. But to be a Bundesliga legend his achievements alone are more than enough. He has won Bundesliga with both club that he played for, 5 goals in 9 minutes, 41 goals in a season. That’s very special. For Bayern tho Lewandowski will be one of great players with extraordinary achievements and that is absolutely okay. Not everybody has to be a club’s legend. I don’t think that he even cares about that tbh. Those statements tho… I think that the purpose of them was to put a pressure on the board and this is surely not praiseworthy. But when I read most of the comments about it I’m like „What?? He never said or meant those things” Media made the most out of it and some of you add even more fuel to the fire. Lewandowski respects Bayern and never said any bad word about a club. He didn’t behave in a good way but he should be judged based on things that he actually said and meant, not mistranslated, out of context comments or even some pure speculations.

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