Why does it feel like people are scared to criticize this show?

A) It's StarWars not Shawshank Redemption. SW has always had these issues and likely always will.

B) It's a pilot and a dang good one. It has issues sure but give the crew some time to get their legs under them. Really what you should be saying is if the first episode was THIS good imagine what's in store? I'll buy if you wanna say E1 wasn't a home run but it was for sure a standing triple.

C) No question there are things 'wrong'. You know what else is wrong? Like 4 of the last 7 movies. This is award worthy compared to what we've been fed since ROTJ left theaters. This show has me IN LOVE with Star Wars again. For that I'm grateful.

D) It might take 3 or 4 episodes for the show to find its footing and really get going...what show isn't like that?

E) SW has always had little quirks to it's world/stories that maybe aren't an issue in other realms....so what? Nobody is making you watch.

F) I'm NOT at all saying you don't have some valid points....but dear god it's Star Wars....get over it or move on. The pacing could have been fixed by not cramming 60 minutes of story into 39 minutes. I'm shocked it was so short. That's my big beef. Beyond that I thought it was excellent. Rarely does taking something 'old' and 'modernizing' it work..but dang it they did it. It felt fresh and now yet familiar and respectful. That's not easy to do.

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