Why does this field have so much ego?

It depends a lot on the company, but departments who interact more with the business side tend to require a more “confident” attitude. I moved from a dev team to infrastructure/ops, and saying you don’t know something that’s supposed to be in your domain feels like suicide at times.

Non technical people judge technical people on who is more eloquent and best sells their expertise, so the arrogant people often get ahead. Then some tech people who are actually competent realise this and start acting like an arse and get even further ahead cause they have the skills and the arrogance. imo it’s really destructive to the company and loses them good employees and productivity. Then you’re stuck with a clusterfuck of people who don’t know what’s going on but pretend that they know everything. Which at that stage is really hard to unravel for business management cause they don’t have a source of truth on wtf is going on with all the tech and infrastructure that they don’t understand.

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