Does Germany have an integration problem?

While you call me names? STFU hypocrite.

I dont call you names because of your nationality, use your head for one minute.

You're creating it right now, and project it on me.

"Also, it's not about them hanging out together, but ONLY hanging out together, and considering Germans a mere nuisance they look down on through their Dunning-Krüger-tinted glasses. The issue with that is that they learn fuck all, and sometimes even end up making demands that German society should regress to comfort them, instead of them progressing -- which in some cases raises the question why they would want this country to also be like the one they moved away from."

This was your comment. you speak about turks as a group in such a degrading and insulting way, and you still think that i create racial tensions? nah, i dont care about your nationality. but you clearly dislike turks.

You CONSTANTLY talk about "people like you". You're a bigot

Ah yes, i am the bigot, makes sense. want me to post your garbage comment again where you said that turks are uneducated, hate germans and regress society? baffling how delusional some people are.

Ahh, so now we're finally getting to the bottom of this. Well, that's their own ignorance and butthurt bigotry.

Exactly the type of response i would expect from you. you dont even try to understand us. if you say that turks uneducated idiots who do nothing the whole day, than you remind us of the teacher that hated us because of our nationality, or the police officer who tried to fuck us over because of our nationality. its not only what you say, its in how you look at us, how you change seats in the ubahn because we look different etc. you think we dont notice that?

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