Does gym etiquette include not getting in someone's way when they have set up equipment and are lifting, or to ask people if they can "work in" with you if you are using a piece of equipment first?

I had an off experience tonight I think.

First, I have trained with a well-known bodybuilder for several years an hour from where I live. Most days I lift at a private 24 hour gym close to my house, and there's no staff at night. I've also gone to gym etiquette seminar last summer, and I do as much as I can to make people comfortable. Tonight was back/triceps day. Just as I was going to move on to skull crushers and putting plates on the EZ bar, a guy comes in with a friend and they put their drinks on the benches in the area closest to where I'm loading the bar. They leave the drinks there and go to the aerobics room to start blaring some kind of music really loudly. I could hear it over my music in my ear buds. So the stereo in the weight room is also on and playing something different from what's coming from the aerobics room. I spot a bench right in front of the power cage which is in the opposite corner of the room, and decide I'll just do superset of skull crushers and deadlift in that corner. I load the bar to warm up deadlift at 175. Feel good so I just put my belt and straps on the bar, add more weight, then I do a set of skull crushers on a bench directly in front of the cage. Dude comes over and puts a dip attachment on the front of the cage without asking, and I am so tired of fighting people in the gym, so I just move the bench and bar over. Well the space is pretty tight so they make it impossible for me to do the skull crushers there safely, and they totally throw me off my timing and make it pretty unsafe to deadlift also. The thing is they could tell they were doing that and they didn't bother to ask me to work with them at all. They also acted like they'd get confrontational. I will always try to work with people. So while I'm waiting on these two dudes I see girls lining up to use the aerobics studio wondering why the door was open with the stereo turned all the way up. Was this etiquette? It felt off to me.

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