Why does HR suck so bad? [Serious]

They legitimately do not seem to know what their job is. They do not realize that the company employees are their customers.

My husband and I work for the same company, and most places have about 15 standard processes in place. Our company, through various mergers and stuff, has nearly 10x that because no one ever blew the "STOP" whistle to make them update/unify all the processes. So now anything you need to have done is highly dependent on who your "legacy" company was, how long you've been there, what unit you're in, and probably what color your eyes are or whether you own dogs or cats.

For example, my husband is the manager of a guy who didn't work for 14 months leading up to his retirement claiming "stress" from multiple meetings telling him to do his job and earn his paycheck. HR issues that guy a $10k bonus (FOR DOING WHAT?), and then a few months later tells my husband to ask the CEO to give the guy a cash payout because the HR person working on the guy's retirement package "missed" some key paperwork over a 6-month process. Then HR tried to tell him what his budget was... Bitch, that's not your job, that's HIS manager's job.

My husband is an ex-pat employee, and to get him the right salary/benefits his boss had to "fire/hire" him in the new country. For a good 4-5 months, HR KEPT firing him every few weeks, shutting off his phone/email/etc, so now it is literally someone's job to look for his name on the "fire this person" list that goes out periodically. What a waste of fucking time because they have bad processes in place for this kind of thing.

My HR still doesn't remember that I do not drive a company vehicle, I keep getting emails asking me to bring it in or confirm the VIN or other shit and every time I respond with "I do not drive a company vehicle."

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