Why does a large sub-set of Red Pill suggest traditional sexual dynamics that constrained female hypergamy were better?

I guess my point mostly focuses on whether you see all female sexual behaviour as "giving" and that AF is just an attempt to ensnare said dude or whether you see the sex she is having as being inherently rewarding.

Looking at the hard data on female sexual behaviour, they seem to enjoy sex more in committed relationships, but also their ability to enjoy it goes with age - for example multiple orgasms generally kicking in at what TRP generally sees as post wall (with her beta...?). We also know that the more adventurous a woman is, the greater the correlation that she won't be among the anorgasmic 10% of women who never, ever get an orgasm- at least in the sense that chicks who do anal are the most likely to come (although not from anal itself, just it seems like the less procreatively focused the more awesome). So technically women in the BB phase of the alleged dynamic, provided they are okay with it getting weird, are going to be most happy in orgasm. Happy in how they view sex gets harder to measure.

From anecdotal personal experience, if the first people I had sex with had been my bench markers for what it was, I would not be as inspired and I'd be a lot more reliant on masturbation for my own enjoyment- I was always aware dudes like Gentleman existed (my version of teh Alpha Unobtainable ZOMG) but having my life line up such that what I see as a paragon of sexy was available didn't happen until my late 20s.

If I'd been with the perfectly nice nerdy guy I made my sexual debut with, sex would have been awkward and a bit painful because he just didn't do it for me the way that the narrow slice of guys I want to bang like a screen door do. I wouldn't have necessarily known what I was missing (although I had evidence that for some people sex was amazing) but as much as I've always been personally precocious, the degree Gentleman has me uh... cock whipped by comparative desire gives him a lot more general leverage.

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