Why does Lebron James look more disinterested than he has ever looked before?

Fact of the matter is there is plenty of incentive to 'cheat' and very little disincentive to do so. For the top guys you can say 'well if they cheat they stand to lose everything' but that's not really true when the odds are so small they'd ever be discovered and it's not like they'd have to forfeit their hundreds of millions of dollars, and there are worse things in life than being a disgraced athlete.

But for the lower level guys, names we don't really think about too often, guys who bounce around on rosters for a few years then maybe ship off to europe or china and then fade away from memory. Those guys have every incentive in the world to cheat. If you're talking about the difference between being signed to a league minimum 'exploratory' type contract or actually potentially being able to secure a multimillion dollar deal predicated on standing out amongst a crowd of similarly talented players? Sheeeeeeeeeeiiit

Personally, I think we're going to see it happen eventually, that the NBA will have a PED scandal. My suspicion is that it won't happen all at once. That Silver and the league will start talking about reforming the policy, then they'll implement a change or two one season then maybe another change or two later on. A slow and 'soft' transition to more modern and serious policy(as it sits the NBA policy is ancient and effectually useless).

Not that I'm out there accusing all these guys of doing it though. There are a handful of guys you can't help but wonder, but it should always be reminded that even if it is the case, it's only 'cheating' because it is banned, it's not like PEDs don't also require hard work and competition and etc etc etc there's no pill for a jump shot and all that. But it is something that I think people are happy to pretend doesn't exist when in all likelihood probably does to a greater degree than we want to think and that can only hold for so long.

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