Does meeting single, straight men happen in this city outside of dating apps?

LOL at your flair. I used to live on a sailboat near that Fred Meyer. It's not far from hashtag van life.

I guess my original post is borne of frustration that I do, honest to goodness, do that. I have about 4 hobbies that I sincerely care about. Outdoorsy shit/gettin healthy seem like the safest bets to go outside vs. quietly making plonk sounds on my guitar and folding bread dough at home. My most recent experience at a snowshoeing meetup was 7 women my age and 1 married guy in his late 50s. Over the summer, I went on a ton of hikes, again Meetup-based. Organizers are used to people dropping day of, I guess I hoped not. One particularly ominous-looking afternoon, I said "Fuck it, I'm going anyway," drove to Issaquah at rush hour, and the only remaining attendee was some guy close to 70 who spent the duration complaining about how flaky Seattle women are. I mean I feel ya man... but naw. I feel like I'm throwing a bagful of darts in every direction, but if I'm out there, wherever "there" is, and The Dudes are not, it feels like I didn't even bother leaving the house at all.

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