Does this new concept of Ashkenazi Jews looking white come from Jews being born in mixed marriages/mixed with white Americans, or white people converting to Judaism in recent times being called Ashkenazi now?

I'm not arguing with you (as far as I know). And I'm in no way suggestion that antisemtisism wasn't the driving force behind the shoah. If you're trying to say that it was "just" racism? I kind of disagree. Antisemitism seems to consist of racism but also has a shit ton of religious and extremely old cultural components which can't be subsumed under what most people call "racism". At least as far as I know. And the nazis basically blamed the Jews for everything, said that they sabotaged Germany etc. This goes further than "just" calling a people inferior and outlawing "race mixing" (as was commonly done).

I'm simply trying to give you my opinion and telling you that some other people might offer some more valuable insight. Like for example u/SabaziosZagreus, the top comment on this thread who tried to answer your question about 2 hours ago. I really don't understand why you still haven't responded to that person.

The reasons for Hitler being an anti-semitic bastard are not clearly known as far as I know.

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