Why does no one believe the court did things for a reason

I’m in the same boat. My ex runs around telling everyone I stole our child, what he fails to mention at one time he initially was awarded visitation. For one year he refused to use it, the case was brought in front of the judge again for his failure to maintain a relationship, in which he threatened me, threw a chair, slammed the table repeatedly and yelled and cursed at the judge. I was awarded full physical and legal custody and all his visitation was revoked on the spot. He’s now a meth addict and has 4 children whom he doesn’t have a relationship with.... yet me as the mother, is the villain in his narrative.

I hate the stigma of dads not being involved lying at the feet of mothers. Some men were never meant to be dads.

Yet, there’s a whole slew of people that think I alienated him and ran off and stole our kid.

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