US does not sign the "Christchurch Call" - a vow to condemn the spread of hate speech and terrorist radicalization on social media

Abortion isn't a basic right

I'm sorry, I mistakenly assumed you lived in the US because of the nature of this thread so I was referring to Roe v. Wade. I'm aware it's not considered a right in some countries.

If the party is in power how exactly are you going to remove them from power when they control the military, police and you don't have any guns?

Voting. New Zealand is democratic/MMP.

I mean they just passed removing your right to speak and defend yourself

You've never been able to get a gun here for the purpose of self defence, it's not considered a valid reason. You can only get a license if you intend on using a gun for hunting, sport, pest control etc. You can also still buy guns, just not certain types. I'm not racist or trying to incite violence and have never wanted to be so it's difficult to feel like I've had something taken away.

It's not like piracy, the reason piracy isn't enforced is because they can't enforce it

They could actually, they just won't because sending teenagers to prison would again, be suicide for that party.

Hate speech is free speech, all hate speech laws infringe on free speech.

Why? Why is hate speech free speech but insulting someone or performing someone else's song not? If what counts as free speech is so arbitrarily defined and has been infringed upon in a bunch of other cases, why would you defend the right to incite violence against ethnic groups of all things? Is that really the hill you want to die on?

I don't know enough about NZ to guess how it will be abused and who they will scapegoat and round up

and yet

but it's coming.

It's clear you have a very different view of how governments behave because of whichever one you live under and I'm not going to be able to articulate why this view doesn't really work here. So let's just agree to disagree.

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