Why Does Right Wing in India Try to Parrot So Many Misleading Claims and Conspiracies it Lowers Our Credibility. There's so many Genuine Issues to Worry about For The Right and Instead We Get Bogged Down as Conspiracy Loonies.

Thats cause you clearly did not understand my post... Read the ending, Once you have a big economy you can enforce whatever narrative you want. Same as what china is doing.

Wrong, did read and understand but fundamentally disagree with certain specific points; the naivety in believing economy is solves everything means one has limited knowledge and experience in pragmatic realities. The economy is everything is same belief as Marxists, who also limited in understanding ideology beyond commodification, and shows the lack of rigorous study from Indian "RW" (Indians should reject Western labels lw/rw) to understand the roots of economic theory or even risk assessment to develop own model of economics within India's indigenous dharmic framework, otherwise one will always be a slave and colonised by another civilisation who is rooted in a grand narrative of culture.

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