Does it make sense to open a S&S ISA as well as a SIPP?

Hi, I've had a job for the past 5 years but it relies on attending live sports in the stadiums which hasn't been possible since March. It's a freelance position and I work pretty much 7 days a week, but the company itself is based in Europe and they've said they don't offer pensions for people in my position, which is why I was pondering the SIPP.

All savings are from my earnings and from buying low & selling high niche items which was a past hobby. Living with parents has allowed me to save aggressively.

I googled the calculator and it said over a 20 year period at 4%, I'd pay in £20,000 and the value would be around £36,000. Would you say this is not worth it, for either the S&S ISA and the SIPP?


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