Does showing interest in a man always ruin it for anyone else, or is it just me?

Has happened to me as well. I am a pretty straightforward person. If I like someone, I tell them. I was talking to this cute guy for around one and a half months, and I told him that I find him cute. I was giving him all the attention and he was enjoying it. I got ghosted one fine day for no reason.

This was not the first time that some guy did this. They didn't ghost me but the conversations went downhill.

Now, I have started to NOT give attention to men even when I like them. I am seeing someone else these days, in touch with him from March 2022. I meet him once in two weeks. That's the rule. Texts regularly. Phone calls once in a while. All of this has made him still interested in me. But I feel bad when I do this. I am not this kind of person. He is cute and nice. I want to give him all kinds of attention and love. But I am scared that he will also leave me as soon as I start doing this.

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