Does smoking decarbed weed make you more or less high than smoking normal bud?

How do I know what? That smoking decarbed bud isn’t as effective as doing other things with it? Because I’ve looked this up before. I’m not just assuming idk what you’re coming at me for. I’ve had jars full of AVB and wondered what to do with it, so obviously I’m going to browse google about it. Since you don’t believe me for no reason, here’s a link for you to read so you can get more knowledge on the subject. If you look at the bottom of the list, you’ll see that smoking decarbed weed is the least effective use for it, which is the only thing I’ve been preaching in this whole thread. The best use for it is making edibles, which I’ve multiple times. Even eating the decarbed bud makes better use of it than smoking it. But okay, I shouldn’t be sharing the knowledge I have on this in public lmao

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