Why does this sub exist?

  1. Weebs
  2. There’s little to no variety in animation style.
  3. There’s so much fucking fan service, can’t watch that shit without thinking of kids jacking
  4. Why do people have neon pink hair? Is everyone in Japan a fucking YouTuber?
  5. And what’s with the hair styles? Who thinks shit like this, this, and this is acceptable?
  6. Why do people’s hair go behind their eyes? What the fuck?
  7. I don’t want to sit through a shitty 3 minute jpop intro every time I watch a fucking cartoon.
  8. Everyone’s eyes are ridiculously huge and shiny except for those fuckers who have their eyes closed for the entire fucking show.
  9. Everything’s a fucking waifu now a days. Angels? Waifus. Demons? Yup, waifus too. Dragons? Check. Human cells? Check. Entire fucking countries? Yup, they’re husbandos now
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