Does Sumo complement heavier people better than other combat sports?

Fight well but in what context, like a street fight? Like most martial arts are very specifically designed to face other practitioners of the same you may remember, MMA rapidly moved away from Karate vs Sumo wrestler to the current mix of BJJ, Judo etc... because that's what wins that type of fight... like I don't care who you are or what you trained in, I am taking the other guy in a fight if he's three times your size and reasonably fit.

If you're cloning Hakuho, though, and raising each one in different disciplines and they are fighting in an MMA ring? I doubt very much Muay Thai Hakuho is winning the tournament. Sumo Hakuho is closing the gap real quick and Muay Thai isn't going to be much use with Hakuho having bull rushed you and smacked you in the face.

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