Why does “what’s for dinner tonight?” Vex me so?

I don’t necessarily cook actually, but I volunteer to often because I’d rather cook than take care of the baby after doing it all day, and my husband can spend some time with the baby before he goes to bed.

My husband has definitely volunteered to cook on many occasions, especially if he knows I’ve been tired with the baby all day. And I let him too.

Based on what OP said, the husband is more than happy to either cook for himself or for the both of them. She’s just annoyed he asks the question. That’s similar to what I do with my husband; I’m happy to cook for myself or the both of us, and I ask him “what do you feel like for dinner” everyday as a way of starting a conversation on what we’ll do that evening for food. I guess without applying gendered assumptions, I saw myself as the husband in her scenario.

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