She doesn’t actually apologize for anything she said

That is not really directly comparable because she was not a politician when she tweeted that, but i'll answer the question as though you mean if a white politician tweeted that 10ish years before running for office.

No I would not, because white people have historically subjugated and oppressed black people, not the other way around. The joke is not funny to me either direction it is told though. I don't really thing jokes about race or dead babies are very funny.

I'm just making the point that calling someone a cheap mean name is just that, it's cheap and mean. If you don't want to her to be elected let's talk about why what she said was wrong and how that makes her less-than adequate to meet the needs of the city. When there are a few in the group just hurling insults and not relying on reason and facts it makes the whole movement against her being elected seem cheap and mean rather than informed and logical.

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