Doesn’t Miguel have kids?

Oh my,

-ignoring his wife for football, to the point she decides to learn to love football as much as he does -manipulating his wife into talking about kids in an uncomfortable situation - DURING THE SUPERBOWL that she was excited about because she learned the fame for him -physically assaulting Sam from Trueblood -making the decision to sign a lease, and put down first/last months rent + deposit on an apartment they could not afford without consulting her -making the decision to buy a house without consulting her, after the apartment he signed for turned out to be wildly inappropriate for 3 babies -guilting her for following her dreams -let’s her constantly be the “bad guy” in their parenting team while giving the kids whatever they want behind her back

I’m only at season 2 on this rewatch, and this is just pulled from my memory, so I’m sure the list goes on.

Granted, he apologizes for some of these things, but I don’t really see any evidence of him getting better. I am empathetic to his struggle, so I don’t think he’s a bad person really, but I definitely don’t see why they all think he’s so perfect. Rebecca literally repeats over and over again how perfect he was, and it makes me roll my eyes every time. She continues to depreciate herself just in the shadow of his memory.

If he hadn’t died, I bet he would not have good relationships with any of the big 3 right now, unless he put alot of work in over the years.

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