Doesn't drop in. Breaks ankle.

5th metatarsal here: having a broken foot fucking sucks. Holy shit. It was my driving foot, all the pain shot through my ankle, and I was so drunk the night it happened I didn't know it happened. I woke up the next day, tried to stand up, and just crumpled like a little bitch in front of the love seat. My fucking memory card on my phone was missing, and the park we were getting drunk at was like a mile away.

My friend who I saved from dying before I got too drunk woke up with no shirt in someone else's pants. I explain I don't really know how he changed but I tell him what he did and we both agreed Caleb probably dressed him.

Anyway, I told him my sd card was missing and I limped a mile to the park, found the tiny little fucker in a crack, and limped back.

Fast forward. My mother is a nurse. It's been like 5 days foot is still on fire, I could no longer cover it up. I limp in "mom I think I need a doctor" one look at my foot and she agreed. She sets me up to see some osteo surgeon she knows.

This guy looks like an Orthodox Jew which wouldn't be so odd if we weren't in a Catholic Hospital, but he was just off-putting. His whole demeanor seemed aggressive. Anyway, he comes into room after X-rays and this is a conversation that actually happened between a 17 year old and a grown man.

-So... Tell me again what you did to your foot.

I don't know, I woke up when I was at my friends house and I almost fell over. -I have a hard time you don't know how you broke it sweating h-how? -you broke your 5th metatarsal in half. I know you had to feel it or else you were on drugs. whole life flashes before eyes I didn't feel anything -sticks thumb in between two sides of broken bone, horrible pain everywhere in my body like I was being tased almost jump off of table clearly writhing in pain {through teeth} I. Don't. Remember. -any drugs? nope look down, finger still on my foot, I look at his eyes, deep into his iris, to his soul, and I basically mind whispered "I swear I will kill you. Whether it is today or 50 years from now I will kill you, I have never had an enemy before you. I will not sleep until you are dead." -finally lets go, still being douche* well it needs a cast. Funny how you don't remember. does not give a fuck, basically feels like he has already been killed in the middle of the room and he has nothing to lose, gazing into the mouth of this nuisance

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