Dog killer dies after pet owner rams him into a brick wall with his car

My parents' money, lmao. Btw, you can check my comment history to confirm it's true.

I was born in central Africa, where my family (of 5) lived on my single mom's shaky income, as my father spent all of my childhood in prison. Mom lost her job and we became homeless, so we fled the country and illegally immigrated to France. We were detained until we were miraculously granted citizenship. My mother never found a job in the decades we spent in Europe, we lived on a single mother's welfare benefits - about $7,000/year total, again to keep a family of 5 alive. My father was released from prison in the meantime, but he never came back to live with us, and he never got a job either, as an ex-con. "Crass poverty" wouldn't even begin to describe the kind of environment I grew up in. My siblings all dropped out of school and started doing drugs, but I soldiered on and did well in school and entered university (French universities are 100% free and merit-based) on my own merit and despite all odds being against me. Things got even worse when my mother learned I'm gay. I was 19 and studying towards my Bachelor's degree - she kicked me out on the streets. I became homeless again, this time without a family or welfare to keep me alive, and my only income was my academic scholarship ($4,000/year total). For an entire year, I kept attending university religiously while alternating between sleeping outdoors and in a homeless shelter. I got my Bachelor's and, based on nothing but my outstanding academic results and recommendations from professors, managed to enter an elite university in Paris on a full-ride scholarship for my Master's, which allowed me to obtain a small room in student housing. It was a single room, 1h30 by public transportation from my university each way, yet it cost me nearly all of my income just in rent. Out of my ~$330/month income (from my scholarship), I had only $40 left after rent - $40 per month to buy literally everything, from groceries and laundry to unexpected expenses. I soldiered on, I got my Master's, then my PhD, all on that same level of income; then, I obtained a national award as recognition for my exceptional academic achievements.

But yeah, "bought it with my parents' money." Sure. Keep telling yourself that.

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