You dog owners that don’t clean up after your pets all winter and cause the rivers of melting shit that comes when we get warm weather are assholes.

Kids try to play everywhere in the city. I walk my dog in Lincoln Park every day through the fields. In those fields children play, they practice soccer, people sit in the grass reading and eating, people tan, exercise, etc. I'm not going to not let my dog shit in the park because at some point it's likely a child is going to play there, or someone will sit there and eat. I will pick it up after she does because I'm responsible, but if you live in the city you have to accept that people walk their dogs in the same parks where you play/exercise/relax. If I'm walking my dog and happen to pass a hill when she needs to pee, I'm not going to stop her. It honestly wouldn't even cross my mind that at some point a child may want to sled there, or may have sledded there in the past. It's a public park, we're not right in the middle of the sidewalk where people are walking, and I'm going to pick up any poop.

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