A dog rushes across several lanes of traffic to attack a little girl leaving church. It takes several adults and a knife to save the child.

Pit bulls are high maintenance dogs. Ive noticed that the types of people who get them are either families that are adamant that they're harmless and just like any other dog or people who think they're cool for getting such a dangerous dog.

I've also noticed that these people not only don't give it the much more intense, hands on training that they typically need, but don't train them much at all. Nothing beyond potty training and leash training. Sure they dont abuse the dog, but they neglect to acknowledge that pitties were bred to be aggressive protectors. My brother rescues wolfdogs and he's pointed out that pits and wolfdogs alike both need alot more training and socialization to avoid crap like this.

My sister owns a pit bull and she's making the same mistakes as typical pit owners. She's not aggressive to families and is very sweet but she and the other dog my sister owns get into alot of fights and I'm worried for the other dog especially cause my sister doesnt try to stop them.

Don't get pitties if you don't know what you're doing folks.

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